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the little red-haired girl
i'm going to be switching journals.. i don't know, i never really liked this name anyway, so.. if you aren't on my friends list already and you want to know the new name, feel free to email me and maybe i'll let you know..

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i'm home from work today... yesterday two baseball jocks in a BIG OBNOXIOUS SUV decided not to check their side view mirro and they backed into me, crushing my passenger side, rear quarterpanel. sooo, i'm trying to get estimates since he doesn't want to turn it into insurance straight away.. the weather sucks and the smaller shops won't look at the car wet.. pain in the arse!! so i'm going to go to a few dealerships that do body work, but i'm sure they are going to be more pricey.. not that i care about saving this guy any money.. i just want my car fixed, and fixed RIGHT!!

Current Mood: cranky cranky

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back to work after the long weekend.. anyone care to break me out?? is in vegas for the week and she left us all with our own personalized packets of extra work.. where does she hide this crap? how does so much work magically appear when she is going away.. makes you wonder eh?

on a nicer note, john and i have been hanging birdfeeders and such around, this morning when i was leaving there were like six birdies and a bunny eating!! i guess the birds on the feeder were knocking seed down because there were birds and a bunny under the feeder and two or three birds on it. they were all so cute!

i hope everyone had a nice fourth of july weekend, my nephew is visiting from ohio, we took him to the park and out to lunch and stuff, but i guess we bored him because after that he wanted to go back to his father's, oh well. it was nice to see him anyway.

oh! i got a new address book, so... if you want to be in it send me your name, address, phone number and birthday (or any combination of your choice) to : littleredhairedgurl@yahoo.com. it will be used for the likes of sending holiday cards, birthday wishes, etc.

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i had to post the happy ice cream!! he looks so deliciously evil!

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Current Mood: giggly giggly

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i was trying to upload a new user icon and it keeps coming up as a broken image.. i don't know, i just wasn't feeling the last one :/

oh! in my continuous plea to be as cool as zombified, i've joined hatester, so go hate me :)

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someone thinks my new icon resembles these photos..


edit : hmmm... i'm not sure if you can link those, go here the two in the middle..

i guess i should be flattered, or should i wish i was anorexic?

Current Mood: bored bored
Current Music: ruby soho - rancid

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i am this-freakin-close to walking out of here today... i was just told i get to go to another room, at another desk, and scan images for three freakin days!!! three days!! why? because i can use a pc. wtf!! someone screwed up scanning pictures, so i get to clean up the garbage. why not give it to the person who screwed it up?? (and how the f- do you screw up scanning pictures???), well, i'm a "speed demon" and it really shouldn't take me any time at all..

i'm planning on leaving here by mid auguest so i can move and get settled for school.. but if one more freakin thing happens i'm going to be out of here this week. i can feel it building, i'm tired of cleaning up everyone else's garbage because i'm good. maybe you should pay me more and have me train the f'n half breeds who work in this place? or maybe you should hire people capable of doing their job? nah, what's the freakin point?

i hate this place. i can't wait to get out of here!

counting the freakin days...

Current Mood: pissed off pissed off
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john and i went up to lake george this weekend, we went to the sumit of prospect mountain, the views are so amazing!! you could see the entire length of the lake from up there.. it was so relaxing, well, until the crazy people started showing up... but aren't they everywhere??

after we got home yesterday we went to pick up martin, thinking he was finished, but, you can't open the gas tank... sooo, i guess that means not finished right? the mechanic never called back, so we're still waiting. i was rather depressed after all that, he's all dented around the gas tank in back, and the insurance adjuster insists it's "prior damage", that jeep had no prior damamge, just because it's old people think they can say it's crap?? i hate insurance people!! grrrr..

i'm still kind of mopey, i don't know, everything just depresses me and i ate way too much crap this weekend, so i feel like a fat cow.. fun fun fun. i have to find out when i can register for classes, i have to find a job and a place to live. someone shoot me.

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Current Mood: frustrated frustrated
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i just went on my first by myself ride, 13 miles all by myself! woo hoo! be proud of me!

Current Mood: chipper chipper

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